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"Genome Database Construction with GMOD", B'Indy'07 Midwest Bioinformatics Conference, May 2007 PDF

"ARGOS (A Replicable Genome InfOrmation System) for FlyBase and wFleaBase", Indiana Bioinformatics Conference, May 2004 [Poster] PDF, PPT

"Toward a Unified Gene Page", GMOD meeting, April, 2004 PDF

"Argos, Genome Directories and LuceGene", GMOD meeting, Sept. 2003 PDF

"Genomes to Grids", GlobusWorld, Jan 2003 PDF
October-November, 2002 PDF

"Intro. to Bioinformatics for Genome data", lecture, December 2002 PDF

"wFleaBase Daphnia Genome Database", DGC Workshop, NH, Sept 2003 PDF
Daphnia GC Workshop, Oct 2002 PDF

"SRS, A Backbone for Genome Information and Data-Grid Systems", ISMB02, SRS User group, Edmonton, Aug 2002 PDF

"Genome Information Systems", euGenes and Flybase, Sept 2001 PDF

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Argos: A Replicable Genome infOrmation System version 1.0 ; August 2005
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